every day is Friday!

 “The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.”  –Oscar Wilde, Irish Writer and Poet

Have you ever seen one of those clocks, that no matter where the big hand is, it is always at five past five to represent quitting time? Well, how about having a calendar where every day is Friday? I love Friday; it sounds good, and it’s just before Saturday, which means the weekend is approaching. Just the other day, I was out for breakfast with a friend and she asked me what day it was. I answered, “Friday.” Then she questioned me, “No, isn’t it Tuesday?” I stood firm and replied again, “No, it’s Friday.” Puzzled, she looked at her phone, which displayed the day and the date and said, “No, it’s Tuesday!” I looked at her and with a smile, said, “For me, every day is Friday!”

Simple feelgood-insight #71:  Enjoy everyday like it’s Friday.  And, don’t eat donuts!

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