The is a new women to women’s networking group in Toronto, whom I had the pleasure meeting and speaking to last night. They asked me last minute if I could come to their November meeting and share some insights on wellness and networking business to business. I jumped at the chance after spending a few minutes on the phone with the charming Anji Shukla the founder of this organization.

They offer as networking group a speaker every month except December.  I enjoyed getting their ‘on time’  for their pre-mix ‘n’ mingle. Everyone brought something unique to the group. And during our Q&A I found what an enlightened group they are.

I shared my story of how I got to now, then some of my tried and true ways to build a business and of course we talked about “life is to short for spelling mistakes!” AKA love your unedited self. I even read a paragraph from ‘the feelgood life’ and that was followed a simple meditation while everyone learned the ‘NOW’ breath, my most platinum insight. It was a very casual atmosphere and the location was in an art studio run by one of the members.

Great night ladies, sorry I didn’t try the wine, it looked wonderful.

Thank you for having me speak. I look forward to hearing from everyone in three weeks after you’ve implemented the ‘NOW’ breath into your life!

with gratitude & hugs, Rose