Simple feel-good yumlatkas by Staci & Rose

6 large potatoes

2 med/large sweet potatoes

2 white onions

Grapeseed oil

6 eggs (crack open the eggs and fluff them up before you add them to the shredded potato/sweet potatoes

1. Shred the 6 potatoes and the 2 sweet potatoes, onion, add in the eggs and a bit of fresh pepper. Mix it all up.

2. Warm up the oil in all your pans this is a big recipe.

3. Use your hands and scoop up a palm full mixture and make a latka and place it in the pan. Let it fry up until it’s golden brown and flip it.

Simple, healthy and yumlicious!

This is a huge recipe it fed 10 yesterday. My family and my adopted family across the street.

Rose’s feelgood-tip; try eating latkas with apple sauce, (non-dairy) sour creams, and a titch of sugar (I use coconut sugar). I call this the ‘partnered trilogy’ to latkas.