feelgoodDailyHydrate One Day at a Time!’

Water Benefits; brain, muscles, blood & other body fluids, bowels, skin, lungs, energy

*Drink water before a meal; when eating (chewing produces the enzymes needed to brake down food to enhance the flow of digestion.) When drinking during or right after eating the water washes away the enzymes so digestion becomes difficult. Drink before a meal to enhance hydration of the system, this will also assist in filling the digestive track pre eating in order to not over eat.

*The following is a great way to insure getting enough water in the day. It can be cold, room temperature or warm *Once or twice a day add some fresh lemon to warm water & give your liver a cleanse.

1st glass upon waking or before eating breakfast

*cup of green tea

2nd glass ½ – 1 hour after breakfast

*take supplements

3rd glass in mid morning

4th glass before lunch

5th glass ½ – 1 hour after lunch

6th glass before afternoon snack

7th glass before dinner

8th glass ½ -1 hour after dinner

9th glass in the evening

*Exercising, a glass ½ hour before then add a glass or more after

*+ green tea or two in the day goes a long way for your immune system

with gratitude and peace, Rose

Rose A Weinberg, HOM, RT-CRA, DTM

Registered Homeopath | Reg. Reiki Master/Educator | Nutrition | Wellness Expert |Author |Speaker |Fulfilled Wife and Mom | www.roseaweinberg.ca | rawenergy@roseaweinberg.ca | 647-999-3733