Over 2 years ago, Mario Keriakedes and I had a coffee/tea and discussed how we would like to work together to share the message of wellness, spirituality and feelgood! Since this time, the universe had us begin our journey working alongside one another as founding directors of Project Beam On. Which as been a win win for Project Beam On and myself on all levels.

Last night, Tuesday April 29, 2014, we had the opportunity to work together on a professional platform. We shared the stage at The Aurora High School Assembly independently and collectively sharing the message of how ‘Acts of kindness’ changes lives on a daily basis. Mario was first to walk on stage, he is a powerful presence with a heart of gold and one of the kindest people I know. He introduced us to the idea that there is no random act of kindness, it is all intentional, yet sometimes its on a conscious level and other times it appears that it just happens.

He shared two stories. One was a kind act that his young nephew did for a man, who dropped a $50 bill out of his pocket and was unaware that the money was gone. His nephew saw the money drop, quickly running to pick it up and then called to the man to and said, “excuse me sir, you dropped this.” The man said thank you and then continued to walk. Shortly after that the man appeared back in Mario’s nephews life with a gift of an all access pass to see the Tall Ships at the Toronto Harbour front. As this was the very place that Mario was taking his visiting nephew and niece, this appeared to be a full circle act of kindness. And yet, there was more. Mario, his nephew and niece enjoyed several hours visiting the Tall Ships, but just before and just after his nephew had a great idea. Before they went to see the Tall Ships, he let his uncle know that he would share his all access pass with his sister so Uncle Mario, whom they call Theo (Greek for uncle), wouldn’t have to spend any money. His second great idea was, after they were finished having a great time seeing the Tall Ships that he would offer this all access pass to another kid so that he could enjoy the day. And when he was handing it over to this young boy, he said, “from my heart to yours!” Mario was thrilled and proud of his nephew for his kind act that his nephew shared and continued to share throughout the day.

I took a look at the audience, as they were engaged in Mario’s larger than life presence sharing this heartwarming story, all I could think of is love. Sending love to him and the audience, because I know in my heart of hearts that they were sending love too!

It’s amazing what we see when we offer kindness to others, and what intrigues me the most is what we don’t see. Stories of acts of kindness continue on and on and we will never know where it goes. What I do know in my heart is that it never ends. One act of kindness always leads to another and call it random or intentional, it truly doesn’t matter, what matters is to wake up each day and share kindness with someone… you never know how it will impact others and the world!

From my heart to yours! Thank you Mario and your nephew Christopher for all you do!