Everything leads to NOW! The simplest lessons in life are for me the most profound. Two of the things that use to rattle me; being impatient and unfocused. Collectively they complicated me to not see what was so simply in front of me. Be patient and be focused! Stick to the simple task at hand. Combining; being impatient and unfocused I recognized now, they tweaked my emotional complicated self which translates to being off balance. Everything from birth to 2012 leads to my new inner wisdom of the possibility of being patient and focused.

Example from this morning. I started out on my walk with Koda, then I wanted to come back home and do a 30 minute power yoga practice, then shower and get ready for my day. From the second I left the house, I felt the rise of being off balanced and felt rushed. I felt impatient with Koda and my brain was busy with all kinds of stuff. I was on the phone spending a few minutes with my kids, before their day and my day began. Koda was pulling on the leash. Hmmmmm, that was a clear message I decided to tune out. By the time we got home, I had not done my walking meditation, I felt impatient and unfocused , and even the call with my kids was a bit hurried on my part so I didn’t feel that wonderful fulfilled moment after saying “I love you, have a great day!” I felt impatient to just get things done! When I got home, Koda was still bugging me (unusual for her). I had  emails to address, shower, and get ready for the day. It felt like time was racing and I thought I won’t be able to do my yoga session because I have a wellness call with a client booked soon. Then I stopped. I looked a Koda and sat down on the floor, she crawled onto my lap so we could have a hug. She instantly became happy and calm. I felt a bit better too. Then I text my client to confirm our call for 9:30am. Koda went outside. I went up to my yoga mat, popped in the cd and normally I would have chosen the 30 minute power yoga as planned but just then I realize that the whole idea for me to be laser focused on how I can help others, I have to be laser focused on ‘Rose time!’ Just then I took a breath, sighed and clicked on the 40 minute extra power yoga work out. Yes, I felt a bit uneasy with this time choice… I started my yoga practice being impatient and unfocused and I knew that I had to stay on the mat and deal with it. I sent love to anything and everyone that came to mind during this moment. Then about 22 minutes (I’m just guessing) into my practice, it happened; I felt peaceful, calm, and my body, mind was now connected with my higher self. Ahhhhhh patience and focus. When in I was concluding my practice in meditation I felt so trusting that I simply knew that a big part of the past few years was… “Rose finding patiences, focus and trust!” What a ride. From this moment on the day opened up, time was not a kryptonite aka stress any more.

2013 for me is my year of being laser focused. With this laser focus my personal focus is taking my health and wellness to a whole new level of feeling good. And my professional focus is to bring health and wellness to you simply so you can will feel empowered within to expand your inner wisdom. Knowledge is great, but wisdom is the key. Wisdom is not freaking out about not having enough time in the day. Wisdom is knowing and trusting that your day can be filled with magical moments of accomplishment and wellbeing it’s who you are being with your relationship with time!

Staying true to our personal and professional focus for 2013 can be achieved through inner wisdom. The more we personally grow, the more we personally and professionally expand to being healthy, successful and simply happy.

Whats your kryptonite? Did you create a focus for 2013? Did it include health and wellness goals? I always found that in order to achieve my professional goals I had to achieve first and foremost my health and wellness goals. This includes time for me to grow and expand. Here is what I offer to assist you with your kryptonite aka stress for 2013.

Extended office hours to serve you better; You can now book a telephone and/or in office visits (if time is your kryptonite), Monday – Thursday, Monday or Thursday Evenings and one Saturday a month starting on January 26 from 9am-1pm and February 16 from 9am-1pm.

If time is one of your kryptonite(s) aka stressors then make the time for YOU! By the way, as soon as I finished with my 40 minute yoga practice this morning, I have not looked at the time and yet and therefore I am on time for everything.

Simple Insight; Magical moments open up when you make time to achieve inner wisdom.

hugs with love, Rose