Balance and holidays is it possible? Short answer, yes! It’s what balance means to you.  For me staying balanced during the holiday season, takes practice, knowledge that sometimes situations are ideal and sometimes not so much, it takes courage to do what feels right in your heart and your head, and it takes forgiveness of self and others. The funny thing about us humans, we are always planning for the next holiday, but we are so stressed out in the planning that sometimes we forget to actually be in the pre-holiday fun and excitement. On Monday I looked at my schedule over the next 3.5 weeks and thought two things. One, boy I have a lot of things to finish up before I take some time off. And then I thought, hmmmm, two… I don’t have enough parties and events to go to during this holiday season. Even though my time is book with work and stuff, I don’t want to miss out on the parties and gatherings with people I love, like and newbies. Guess what happened? Yes, we are booked every weekend, on top of our pre-Chunukah family gatherings and working out time with the kids for our Chunukah-Christmas pajama day! (Next to Thanksgiving this is my favourite day of the year)

Today, take in your big holiday deep breath, hold it for a split second and then release it right from your core. Get into the holiday sprit of being happy, playful and action!
Happy all holidays, have fun!
with hugs and love,