It’s that time of year again, the turning point of summer. It’s like three days before a two-week vacation is coming to an end and your mind starts to say, “oh no the VACATION IS OVER!”

Have you ever experienced this? I know I have in my way past.

Technically, the vacation is not over until you step foot on home soil. What does that mean? Think about it, until you walk through the door of home or work the vacation is not over. It is all in the way your mind thinks. Being mindful means being aware of what surrounds you. If you are still in your bikini at the beach, well, you’re still in your bikini at the beach. Remember, “Being mindful means being aware of what surrounds you!” It’s stupid simple!

Here are my thoughts; vacations, like deep breaths, are to bring us to a calm, relaxed present state of mindfulness. Mindfulness encompasses the mind, body and soul. If you are stressed during the vacation then do you think the vacation is working or are you working the vacation?

This summer started out awesome for me. I chose to share my birthday with everyone and in turn so many of you chose to share it back. It enriched my soul, like a beach vacation or as a deep breath does.

And then things got STRESSFUL. Why? Because I started to look at my life and think “holy crap” I may only have a little bit left of this (while not always a vacation) vacation, what do I do? The vacation I was referring to was my life. Thinking of my age and that it could be 5 days, 5 months or 50 years but it’s almost over. Yikes! Rose having another midlife crises the only difference from this one than the ones I had at 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 is now I really am in midlife! More holy crap!

Here is the abridged version of what happened over the past few weeks. Birthday (calmness balance mindful of my surroundings), feeling an expiry date on my feelgood life (Stress less mindfulness)! Diagnosed with a herniated disc and pinched nerve, (more stress, though mindful to know I will be ok)! Then it all got worse from there, mentally feeding my self with past regrets and future expiry date! (MORE STRESSED no mindfulness)!!! Herniated disc getting better with homeopathy, Reiki and an Osteopath (awesome new practitioner) (some calmness – mindfulness coming back). Then having an allergic reaction to one Advil (which was the first time I took this on the advice of the practitioner to assist with the inflammation. As well, if I had my true ‘Roseness’ about me, not been stressed out, I would have never chosen not to do this. Homeopathy, Reiki, special exercises, ice and lots of love from my surrounding peeps were doing the trick.) From that point where the allergic reaction took over my life force I saw the writing on my spiritual wall; “I pinched my life ‘ness’ as in my “Roseeness” right in the butt, (ULTIMATE STRESSED!)

In my way past this would have had me down for the count for a very long time. Today, down for the count means that I live in the know that I was in a HUGEGANTIC LIFE LESSON. As I always take on my life as ‘I’m in’ even when I’m down for the count, I knew I was on a new kind of spiritual and personal growth roller coaster (the big ones). I cancelled two days of my life to lie on the coach and run to the bathroom (that was my exercise along side of walking Koda). The good news was Koda jumped up on the couch to make me feel better and I got to watch 4 episodes of the Gilmore girls, 2 episodes of the Golden Girls and think about my life! I have to say, this was a pretty good vacation.

Did this all happen because I started to see my glass as half empty? Me, Rose who is the eternal optimist? Well, I think yes.

Why did this happen? Great question! Simply, because it did. When a time of growth and expansion is meant to be with in, it just happens like a ton of bricks dropping on your head. And for me this was a huge one that is taking me to the next level in leadership as a practitioner, spiritual leader, women, wife, mom, and friend in a unique and simple way.

What do I take away from these past weeks? I truly, with so much love and gratitude, get that I am the ‘feelgood lady’ and I now truly live the feelgood life. And after spending two years writing my new book for with everyone in mind to find ways to enhance their feelgood life, it made space for me to look way back when my life was not always the feelgood life. And with that, bringing me to now, with so much love and gratitude I know why I wrote this book, and why I am passionate to share it. Because I truly believe that everyone can choose the feelgood life in ways that fits into who they are and what their dreams and goals are, and this book has something for everyone, the personal growth newbies and the personal growth junkies. And it is my gift to you!

On Saturday while teaching a student Reiki two I got this insight. I live an enlightened life and with this comes a lot of responsibility. Hard work, determination, moments of being down for the count, am moments of rising to the top. So on Sunday, I mind fully took a breath and as I always do this time of year I sat with my calendar and viewed my next 5 months. Starting with the Jewish holidays beginning September 4th, then on Sept 7th an official book signing (details to come), Sept 9th a speaking gig for Seneca Workforce, then I have this magnificent opportunity to be part of an event as a speaker on Sept 24th (you are all invited to this – details on the feelgood calendar) and then my favourite all time holiday in October; Thanksgiving and all this leading to new one of the biggest events of my career I am the opening act for Arlene Dickinson on Nov 13th for Women to Women with the Vaughan Chambers of Commerce. I will have the stage and address approx. 500 busy, stressed out, working women, moms etc how to take in a deep breath, tickets available soon. And of course different speaking gigs and workshops with toastmaster, The Feel Good Company workshops (like: ‘Life’s to short to worry about spelling mistakes!’) and Reiki classes that I will be promoting throughout the months and all this alongside my wonderful wellness practice and all that I do to build the awareness for Project Beam On. After viewing and organizing my calendar, I took a deep breath, felt grateful and then went back to summer mode.

We all have moments when we forget to breathe and be mindful where we stand. We do this because, we often need a moment of pause, then a breath, then the view becomes clear. In order for me to be mindful with simplicity I took my pause and when I finally took my mindful breath I saw where I stood; I  am at peace with my past, my present is feelgood and my future is an open book.

As for the summer coming to an end, it’s not over yet. I plan to get into my bikini a few more times as long as my wonderful neighbours keep sharing the use of their pool to do my laps. So, stay connected with your bikini (whatever that means to you) and enjoy the rest of the week and the long weekend as if today is the first day of the rest of your VACATION!

As for the fall, for me, I love the fall. It is filled with new beginnings. It’s one of the most colourful magical times of the year.

So if you have any moments over the next few days or the next few weeks that start to stress you out, simply pause (chapter 26), take in a deep breath (chapter 4) and be mindful of where you stand right now. You may be at the beach or pool and projecting into the near future, or in the near future at your kids first day of school, or your first day back at the office from the long weekend, or sitting in some traffic going up to the cottage or downtown, remember this feelgood-insight “the feelgood life is a simple ‘now’ breath away so ramp up the fall in a mindful way!”

Happy rest of the summer, wishing you and your loved ones a great 4th quarter of 2013 and Shana Tova to all celebrating the Jewish New Year of 5774. Hope to see you all soon!

Breathe, grade3smile & feelgood always,


P.S. BONUS feelgood-insight #11: “Life’s to short to worry about spelling mistakes!” Have fun!

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Fun video of me driving! (and it’s sideways that beats a good spelling mistake!)

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