This is a pivotal moment in my professional career and my spiritual journey to share this extraordinary news. As an active member of the Canadian Reiki Association I was checking the website the other day to find out when payment is requested for annual  dues. As I was reading the homepage I saw this;

Extended Health Claim Forms Now Available

There are insurance companies within Canada who offer Reiki as a paid benefit in their Extended Health Care package. The Canadian Reiki Association would like to offer our members an opportunity to provide your clients with a professionally designed extended health claim form.

All you need to do is enter your C.R.A. Registered information, the date of service along with your fee. Your client will complete the form with their policy information, and then submit the claim to their provider.  If claims have been rejected, we ask that you continue to provide the form and encourage your client to submit all subsequent claims.  Rejected claims will only bring awareness to the Insurance IndustryIt is our intention that this form of awareness will help to shift the Insurance Industry to include Reiki in all Extended Health Care packages.

Contact me for further information. I have the forms ready to offer to all my clients and future clients who have extended health care packages. Being part of this pivotal shift making everyone aware of Reiki is a dynamic opportunity filled with limitless possibilities. Let’s work together to see this change be part of everyone’s feelgood life!

My vision and is to share the awareness of the extraordinary benefits of Reiki Energy on a global level. My mission is to empower people with Reiki as a day-to-day tool to connect with calmness, peacefulness and balance to live a feelgood life!” with love & gratitude, Rose l 647-999-3733 I Facebook I Twitter I Linkden