Reiki is sustainability for wellness 24/7

By Rose A. Weinberg, Wellness Expert, Author, Speaker, Homeopath, Reiki Master & Cert Teacher, Fulfilled Wife & Mom I 647-999-3733 I Richmond Hill, Ontario

In a world where we are searching more than ever for meaning, purpose, and asking complex questions to simple answers, Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy, which surrounds us, can offer us sustainability in all these areas. It does this as we become attuned to Reiki, as it flows through us all the time, allowing the simple accessibility of placing knowing we can be present with calmness and peace allowing ourselves the connection to our journey.

In my view, as I have experienced so much in my life, that Reiki is the most sustainable healing modality available for all. If you are attuned, you can do Reiki on yourself, or on others anywhere, anytime. If you are in need of bring in calmness and peace into your life to connect to your journey’s purpose you can call upon someone who is attuned to Reiki energy. And now, Reiki practitioners and masters are everywhere. That’s having 24/7 access to wellness! It doesn’t better than this.

While searching and desiring our purpose in life, Reiki offers us the physical and mental component of healing our aches, pains, worries and fears. But, most importantly it offer us the instant sustainability to be connected to our journeys on spiritual level. Using Reiki for personal growth is absolute, because Reiki, the Universal Energy is absolute.

When Reiki came into my life in 1999 it was a means to many answers that I had been seeking. Over the past 15 years, as I evolved with Reiki as a Master and a Certified Teacher, I offer to people all around me this simple insight; Reiki shows us a path to answers we know that we think we don’t know. Reiki re-connects us to our souls journey. It shows us through the Reiki principles and through the measurable results of feeling peace when Reiki is applied, that our answers to our souls questions are obtainable. Reiki is the answer to sustainability in staying connect to the calmness of the universe and the inner voice deep down in our soul.

Reiki came into my life, when I was suffering from daily panic disorder. My life in my head was in constant chaos. I was seeking purpose in my life, life questions that I knew were there, but I didn’t know how to access the answers. When I had my first Reiki treatment, during a facial I immediately felt calm, and relaxed, something that was very foreign for me over those very dark years of living with panic. When I felt the calmness, when Reiki was applied, I experience a sense of knowing that I was not just connecting to my human purpose, but re-connecting to a long road traveled of my souls purpose.

When I learned Reiki, it appeared for selfish reasons, “it was for my kids and me!” with the hopes that we could rid ourselves of feeling sick, and fearfulness and find some simple purpose as to why we existed.

After learning Reiki level 1, I realized it was actually a selfless act; I was able to calm my kids, myself at work, rest and play, this brought calmness to my family, to my marriage to my day.

We are born knowing, and I believe that anxiety, fear and unrest are present with in so many of us, because we fear we will not plug back in, or connect to something we once knew, our souls journey. Reiki is the plug to our Ki, our life force. Reiki; universal life force energy plugs us into our life force, and once plugged in or attuned, we then feel at home. Comforted that we have a connection so deep we can hear our inner voice speak and guide.

There is an area of our brain, the intellectual self that wants concrete answers that actually never get answered. And we seek out peace, the hardest achievement as a human being to obtain. Reiki is calmness and ultimately moments of peace in the palm of ones hand. When connected to Reiki either through someone offering us Reiki or us learning Reiki for ourselves we get the connection with no need for the intellect. At least that is how it happened for me.

Reiki is my daily sustainability; it brings in order to my chaos. Peace to any unrest. And ultimately can help channel the life we are meant to live.

Helping people enjoy their feelgood life through the simple Reiki principles is sharing sustainability 101.

For today I do not anger

For today I do not fear

For today I do not worry

Live in gratitude

Be kind

Be sincere

Be peace

This is the mantra I recite everyday, sometimes twice, it allows me to be open, trusting, filled with joy and ultimately achieve peace on a daily basis.

Reiki is absolute sustainability for wellness 24/7.

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