Have you felt stress in the past 7 days? I know in my past life, when I was in my 20’s and 30’s my life was stressed topped with STRESS! It’s interesting to think back on the things I stressed about, things like; would I get to places on time. Am I organized, do I have something to wear for a certain occasion. Will I make my sales quota for the month. Can I walk my kids to school, get back on time to pee the dog and get to the office, and pick up a coffee (I drank double double coffees and ate chocolate glazed donuts in those days) (NOW it would be an unsweetened Matcha tea) before I get to the office and do this all before 9:am?

Any of this sound familiar?

People ask me all the time, why don’t I look stressed? The difference between then  and today is over the years as I transformed my life from “stressed out, panic driven, crazy Rose” to “Magical-fun Rose” I am grateful for the insight that stress is a choice. It’s a state of being. So now, if I feel that stressful feeling coming on in the pit of my core I say this simple feelgood-insight: “Stress? Don’t mind if I don’t!” And I take a deep “NOW” breath. For more on the “NOW” breath www.roseaweinberg.ca/blog

To live empowered with “the feelgood life” you can simply be empowered you, having a stressed out moment. By understanding that we can choose our stresses! Or if we have stresses that come upon us that are larger than our life, such as someone dying, or illness, or disaster, then we can choose how it can affect us by how we respond to the situation.

Simple feelgood-insight “Choose to be empowered YOU, with stressed out moments instead of being stressed out YOU searching for empowerment!”

feelgood always, Rose A. Weinberg

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for more simple feelgood-insights www.roseaweinberg.ca/the-feel-good-book-collection/