In conversation this week past with my business partner and friend Heather Skoll (new children’s book series coming soon), she suggested that Holocaust Survivors should be referred to as Holocaust Thrivers. We discussed how this can apply to everyone, we all have a story and we all can be deemed survivors of our story. What takes us from being a survivor to a thriver?

What I got out of this conversation was the following; I agree in a broad sense that if you have survived a past of adversity and destitute and you can now tell your story with out emotionally dramatizing it, and you love your life, enjoy your now then you can move from the survivor mode to the thriver mode.

As a kid raised by holocaust survivors and married a kid raised by holocaust survivors, I believe we were raised with survival skills to get through life. With the fear of loss being exponential and at every street corner and every moment of your life being trained that it can all happen again. Therefore we must always be prepared! No space for being in the now, happy and joyful! I life sometimes we are not prepared. We never know what tomorrow brings, but if we live in our now today and have peace, love and joy present then tomorrow looks pretty good, don’t ya think?  I don’t remember being taught to live in your now and know that all is well. Gratitude! These insights have become a way of life for me, get an raw-insight apply, and present with the way life is right now.

Why do I bring this up now, after all that I’ve learned, all that I’ve let go of and finally thrive in my wonderful free life as a women who carries a pendulum in her left pocket, is a Reiki Master and educator, a Homeopath, a wife, a mom, a friend and a girl who still likes a really cars? Because today I am letting go of the final piece of survivor mode and in order to do this, I wanted to share two things. One is this post as raw as it is and two my first book called Go forward. I published this book in 2005 and it touch many lives. At that time it was healing for me to write it and share it. Today I understand it, it’s still my story and I’m sticking with it LOL.

I launch this ebook Go Forward to inspire you to go from survivor to thriver.

hugs with love,

Rose A (awe-inspirng) Weinberg