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 Aly is on the left and Koda is on the right!


On Saturday Aly’s mom and sister, Stephanie and Neve and I took Aly and Koda to Pet Value Maple for their first bouvier cuts. From the minute I see Aly and Koda together, I feel peace, balance and I get the giggles. These beautiful huge puppies are filled with light. We put them in the back of Stephanie’s SUV, Neve was in the back seat and we drove off. They were very good in the way back of the truck, it is the second time they have been together on a road trip. The first time was last week, when I thought that was the day booked for their wash and clip. Nope that was a mix up.

When we arrive both dogs are happy to be there. We fill out the papers for Ann who is going to take them to the spa in the back. We leave our puppies and hope that they don’t cause to much trouble.

2.5 hours later we arrive back at Pet Value. Ann look a little perplexed and said that after working with Koda and Aly she did not need to go to the gym. After all Aly is almost 60 lbs and Koda just under 50 lbs. And for anyone who is familiar with the powerful body and mind of the beautiful bouvier’s knows that they are always a work out. LOL! She was concerned that she may have not clipped them exactly the way we would have liked. And out come bouncy and bouncier. They looked great. They were happy and their cut was exactly what I wanted. Full, fluffy and Ann kept the traditional bouvier clip with the hair on the face and blended a shorter back leading into the under skirt. And their paws look like they just were buffed and polished. Yea Ann, you did good and you survived the sisters from another bouvier mother.

The side story of there bath goes something like this; One of them was put in the tub and the other one wanted in, so they got bathed together. Ahhhhh! Then at one point Aly decided that it was her poop time, and she is a very well trained dog, jumped off the table and pooped on the floor. Well done Aly! Koda apparently earned the name of sneaky because some how she was able to get all the treats. That’s my girl!

It was so much fun! And the girls look great!

hugs with love,