Let-go and feelgood Workshop June 18th, 2014

What a night… we started with being Snapd by Joanne Witt of Snapd Richmond Hill. We were interviewed by Stephanie Delfina from OnRichmond Hill… Wow!!! The feelgood Paparazzi. I love it!

From 7:15pm – 8:45Pm lives transformed…, new relations began, we celebrated Sherry Bennetts birthday, we were introduced to this extraordinary room, where the energy was outstanding. Thank you to the Richmond Hill Retirement Residence. And, the picture in this post speaks to how the night went. For those of you who attended… wouldn’t you agree? For those of you who missed it, I trust you will find your way to a ‘feelgood’ workshop very, very, very soon. And that will be ‘feelgoodgreat!”

The “let-go and feelgood workshop” last night, simply put… was transformational!

The Feel Good Company created a great workshop with there three speakers. Dr. Maxime Guarnaccia, a Richmond Hill Chiropractor who showed us some unique physical stretches that he suggests will activate the muscles and tendons in the body to let-go and feelgood. Heather Skoll, Speaker specializing in working and speaking to Youth in York Region to empower them with global change, led us in a 15 minute talk about how the body and mind hold on to being stressed, anxious, leading us in obsessive thoughts and with her journey of building a support team and her herself becoming educated as a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist and Reiki Master helped her to let-go…  she demonstrated to the audience that it is very difficult to let-go. Excellent talk Heather, it was an awesome lead to the transformational conversation I followed with.

After sharing my story, I shared the knowledge that not only do we hang onto traumas that have occurred in this life time, but we hang on to traumas that occurred in all our souls lifetimes. Our souls have been traveling for mega years, choosing different human experiences, there is bound to be some residual left overs that create energy blocks with in our journey here in this life time, that we don’t even know exist or that we don’t realize affect our choices. Last night I lead the group in an exercise that connected our souls and our humanness in becoming one with awareness, compatible with acceptance, love and peace. Everyone in the room, became still, breathed and allowed the flow of transformation energy to help them let go and be limitless, present and peaceful. As a community of human-beings, yesterday we all personally allowed, processed and then let-go of ancient energy that was stored in cellular memory, body, mind and soul memory.


with love and gratitude, magical, fun & feelgood Rose

Next “feelgood” workshop will be in July… TBA!

With your support from last night a contribution of $68.00 will be given to Project Beam On! This contribution help send two Reiki-blankets to two individuals touched by cancer. Thank you for making a difference for the lives of people with cancer one Reiki-blanket at a time!