How do you keep your “feelgood life” simple? Simply breath! By focusing on your breath you will see a profound transformation from any “fight-or-flight” moment. 

While we often allow ourselves to become preoccupied with the stressful times in our lives, it is crucial that we add time in our lives to ease the physical, mental and spiritual strain we create for ourselves and create moments of calm, laughter and peace with just one breath. 

Finding moments to where we are present and focusing on our breath, what I like to call the “NOWbreath” helps to create alignment in one’s life force. Take time each morning, afternoon and evening and do 3 simple NOWbreaths, to align physically, emotionally, spiritual and energetically. Practice this for 3 weeks and it will help to bring purpose and calmness in times when stress gets in the way of feeling good.  

The NOWbreath is one way to the pathway to living the feelgood life!

Chapter 5  of “the feelgood life!” 


this simple breathing technique is platinum. everything else I offer is gold.

“While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy is to allow part of us to die — whether it is our spirit, our creativity or our glorious uniqueness.”        —Gilda Radner, American Comedian

Years ago when I discovered breathing was simply good, I sought out to learn many different techniques. Everything worked, however nothing that I was taught was just simple. I thought about breathing, we do it naturally without thought — but if we become mindful with our breath then we can direct it to be purposeful in a simple way of bringing ourselves present in whatever activity we are doing or not doing. When I discovered what worked for me I practised it like a lunatic for three weeks! I have taught this breath to hundreds of people and because of its simplicity, it simply works. I call it the “now” breath. Simple because when I take in this breath it brings me present in my now, ‘now’. Now that’s purposeful. Practice the ‘now’ breath for three weeks, go crazy and be a lunatic. After three weeks, your body, mind and spirit will be in the know of your purposeful ‘now’ breath and will know when you breathe to clear you and you will become present and peaceful.

First — Release your breath and empty your lungs. Then take in a gentle slow breath through your nose, now — pause, and then slowly release through your nose or your mouth (empty your lungs) — now pause. Do this with a gentle rhythm, breathe in slowly — pause, exhale slowly, and pause. Here is the simple part: repeat, then Repeat; then REPEAT! The ‘now’ breath, the simplicity is in the pause.

When you wake up, do three ‘now’ breaths. When you’re on the toilet, do three ‘now’ breaths. Just before you brush your teeth, look in the mirror, (don’t forget to smile at yourself), and do three “now” breaths. Simply, whenever you change your actions, do three “now” breaths. After three weeks you will be able to call upon your breath, when stressed, worried or rushed and you will gently become present in your “now.” Breathe—go on start “now.”

Simple feelgood-insight #5: Discover your simple #NOWbreath, your spirit, creativity and your uniqueness all depend on it.

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