One of the top three foods for me are; brown rice, romaine lettuce and chocolate. And I have eaten them all together many times. The brown rice and romaine lettuce are a staple and the chocolate is part of the feelgood life! Do agree with that?

At the beginning of my birthday week I received a gift of all kinds of dark organic chocolate. That lasted about five days. There are many health benefits to chocolate but the simplest ones are, it tastes yummy, and it is ‘the feelgood life!’

During my birthday weekend, a client of mine offered to send samples of treats that she offers as the owner and creator of Incredible Edibles’, which makes these decant chocolate desserts for all occasions, Jan offers wheat free and gluten-free options. She does use white sugar, however most of the goodies she sent were not to sweet and they were most enjoyable, especially because once again there were 7 spoons sharing all the goodies. Overall review was yummy, yummy, and more yummy!

Jan only uses “designer chocolate” and has been able to create morsels of heaven with her flourless creations.  Brownies and cookies are gluten free.  Offering them with flavoured chocolate chunks carries your taste buds all over the world. Dairy free flourless versions are also available . Chocolate , tahini, and nut based sorbets are  plain and pure or infused with interesting flavours to give your venue a global flair.

What a great birthday treat, thanks Jan you are the chocolate ‘maven’!

For more details to see how Jan can assist you with your events please contact:

Janice Fine at 905-881-7799 or e-mail her at