Wake up and smell the early spring! This was by far the greatest winter we have had in forever. I rode my bike two weeks ago, with a huge smile on and… shorts and a t-shirt! The glass is half full and all we have to do is keep a big smile on our faces, get ourselves in shape to have the best spring ever. It’s fun that Passover and Easter are this weekend. We all get to pig (no offence intended) out and stuff our faces and then complain on Monday. For some of us we may start the complaints late Friday night. Don’t forget to take your enzymes with you to Cedar and Easter dinner. Since its a long weekend, here’s a thought, take a walk on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Work off some Easter bunnies and matza balls. By the way, there is gluten-free matza on the market. Longo’s is carrying it. Smart companies are jumping on the band wagon to service all special food sensitivities and allergies. I like where it’s going. So many restaurants are offering GF foods. Toronto is at the forefront with specialty foods in all kinds of restaurants. We went for a walk on Queen W and King Street on Saturday. We went in and out of shops and different types of restaurants from Mexican to hamburger places, just asking to see the menu’s. Each place I asked if they have vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free choices. The answer was yes everywhere and not just with one or two options. Half the menus were open to great choices and they all offered that the chef will make changes to the menu. All I can say is WOW! My family is happy, we love food! Ask your favourite restaurants and grocery stores about speciality foods. You will be amazed at what is available.

Enjoy the holidays and connect via email, text, facebook, or twitter if you find any great foods out there that we all can try. Eat healthy, have a walk and always, always keep breathing your gentle slow breath and happy holidays! Big hugs, Rose