Impatience’s, I believe you will love this!

My ha ah moments today include an understanding of a pondering question of many lifetimes. Why am I viewed so impatient? Why does society, heritage, loved ones look at impatience as a wrong? I realize the definition of impatience is not that I or others like me are in a hurry to complete, or in a hurry to get an answer, there is an alternative word to impatience – eager! That’s it I’m eager! In choice to GO! I’m being an extremely passionate person about life, feeling the adrenaline of all that life has to offer. Possibilities; today is a very special day! It’s Monday… It’s April and its Sunny… I had a great weekend connecting with many in my life that gives substance to my soul… I get it! For me, I see how others see me as a possibility for themselves… and today I see me as a possibility for them that is huge. I can describe my burning impatience as a running frustration or my burning impatience’s as the extreme core of finding my life’s contribution or meaning. Patience has always been a 4 letter word to me, it means wait!!! It meant stop and let life go by. My view is if I keep searching, keep learning, keep yearning, keep the desire burning especially on the off days, I will always be in a possibilities. Today’s possibilities are… unlimited!