Think of 11 things you love (not including humans and animals). Here is my list: I love the March Sun. I love warm weather. I love my fireplace. I love all healthy eating. I love laughing. I love smiling. I love the outdoors. I love the first snowfall in December. I love travelling by plane. I love space vs clutter. I love talking. Bonus: I love ground hog day!

Think of 11 things you will commit to for your health & wellness for March. Here is my list; I am committed to… 3x a week I will walk/run outside for 30 minutes. Putting my face up to the March Sun every chance I get. Keeping up my morning juicing. My homeopathic spring cleanse. Using an electronic calendar that is synced to my blackberry to better my organization. Spending 30 minutes everyday on listening to inspired speakers on living my potential. Doing yoga class once a week and 10 minute power yoga every day to start my day. Doing Reiki on myself every night. Walking Jag every morning and talk to her to share a possibility for the day. Starting a conversation with a new person once a day. Being a stand for project ”Beam on”.

Everything starts NOW!

Love, Rose