My favourite time of the year, Summer. For one, I am a summer baby. I will always be a summer kid at heart. Freedom lies in sandles, tank top and a fun pair of shorts. These past weeks have shown many new insights. For one, the perpetually growing energy that flows with in us deserves to be nuture, and understood. For this is our light, our essence. With this essence being ideal, we can be and do anything. Even when we rest, pause or choose to stop, our energy source keeps going. It evolves, 24/7. It’s kind of like technology. For example, just when you think you have the latest technology in cell phones, a friend shows up with something that just came out, smarter, quicker and HD. Our energy system works on the same principle. I have talked about living your potential. Living your potential is working at your sparkle, your ‘ness’. What lights you up, for you to inspire, love and feel free? When you get this, you can be more currant with your perpetually growing energy source that is your essence. Best example is being in your zone. For me, when I am in my zone, my Roseness, everything shines. I can go through my day celebrating the smallest of victories. Everything is an event, from tea to talk! Tonight, I was excited to drive my daughter and her boyfriend to the airport. They were leaving with backpacks (big ones, state of the art) for Europe. I was the trusted parent to drive them. The second we left the driveway I felt a sense of calm. I had moments during the day, tears, happy, a bit worried, mom stuff. But when we drove off, with Staci beside me and Nick in the back, 2 packs in the trunk and little day packs filling my car, 2 pieces of my famous gluten free chocolate cake and 2 cookies for the trip, I felt calm, joy and ready. Ready to be the mom (the cool one that I am) who drives her kid to the airport for a 2 month adventure. The highway was flowing, (first celebration). Parking was easy, (next celbration). I wrote down where I parked. (I am known to loose my car – only for a short period of time) We go to the counter to check in, OMG the line up was 3 people, the ticket checker in’s where great. Wow, (celebration). I have my new shiny camera, I was taking pictures, action shots (huge celebration). Smiles, hugs and so much fun. Walking with the kids to security, was so casual, so light, energy was flowing. Each one of us, was in our zone. They were ready to take their game to new territory and so was I. Technology was in the being in our zone. The funny part, after we hugged and kissed and did so much I love you’s. We realized that from the time they walk through the doors of security, the only technology we had to keep in touch was what was in our hearts. As we were all in our zone, we could feel it. The crazy part is, they left with no cell phones, no computers – OMG no texts, bbm’s, calls. Ahhhh now that is a vacation. 33 years ago my parents took me to the airport, with backpack and toilet paper (it’s a story for another day). I was off to Israel/Scandanavia/England with no adgenda, no cell phone, no computer. It was hugs and kisses, and see ya when i see ya. I was in my zone. I took my Roseness to heights that still today I know are hugs parts of who I am. Now my daughter is doing the same. Today I watched her pack her homeopathic remedies, supplements, healthy snacks and watched both of them take the last 6 weeks to get into physical shape, mental preparation and nutritionally sound, I was proud. I watched 2 people work hard, daily in their potential to build physical and emotional strength to say; ”see ya when I see ya”! I see the insight, it is crystal clear for me. It always has been. Once again I share with you. I work my potential one day at a time, I swim in the benefits of my life. I work hard; eat, sleep, play, work, be… anything I want! I watched my kid do it! You can do it! Energy potetial keeps growing, keep up with yours and your life will sail. Let it get ahead and it can be a pain, a tear or a struggle.

Love you, Rose