Wow, It’s been a few days since I wrote. Charlotte, N.C. was astonishing. The city was nice too. My training event that I attended was like being in an ashram building vibrations to increase awareness. In my wildest dreams when I meditated 2 years ago to bring a new possibility into my life, did I ever believe it would have taken me from 0-10 in such a short period of time. There is technology and then there is TECHNOLOGY. Technology – phones, computers, internet – bring us together in an instant and yet also distancing us from touch and feel. TECHNOLOGY – vibrations to reach potentials with self and others to expand and be! Now that is what I’m talking about. The vibrations that keep you shaking long after the motion has stopped. Life to me know longer occurs that maybe some day. The day is today and its now. And then its now. And then its now! I wake up shaking in my skin of what the possibilities can bring to me At first I shake because – I have slight doubt in self. Then I shake because I have full belief in self. Then I just shake. Hahahaha! That is the truth and it makes me smile, laugh and shake some more. My purpose in this life, my mission, my soles potential is to brake molds! I have worked hard and dragged myself through the trenches to brake molds of beliefs, thoughts, solid boxes, cookie cut none existence. I have a personal check list of all the personal molds that I have broken. Vibrating from ordinary to extraordinary. I am working on the final drill, the final shattering of the mold that is the deepest darkest of all my molds. I brake molds. My full potential in this lifetime is to meet another human being and have a conversation and listen to the molds all around them. And when the conversation expands to ”I want out of my box”, ”I want to make a change”, ”I don’t feel well”, ”I hate my life”, ”I don’t belong”, ”I never belonged”, ”I have been searching…” I am here to inspire and empower, committed to being support, love and butt kicking to see every human I come in contact with to see them through to being empowered, happy and fulfilled. There is a realm of personal celebration of ”braking a mold”! Living your full potential. Take if from a late bloomer – DON’T WAIT! All we have is now! Written from the heart as always,